Fasting Schedule

September 1-4: 3 Day Fast

September 7-11: Media Fast 

Media Fast – Abstaining from ALL form of media (social/entertainment/print) and Internet regardless of the device it is used to access. The only use should be email or work-related activity.  The focus is to quiet your spirit and allow God’s Spirit to speak.  Turning off the noise from the world.  Preaching, worship music, and audio Bible should be the only “media” that we are consuming during this 5 day fast.

September 14-19: Daniels Fast

The Daniel Fast: Daniel 10:2-3
The basic guidelines for the Daniel Fast include eating: fruits, nuts, vegetables, water only to drink (to flush out toxins) Some say natural fruit juices may be included if they contain no preservatives, sugars, etc., but even those juices should be very limited. Coffee and tea are not permitted. The Daniel Fast should eliminate all meats, pastries, chips, breads, and fried food. Breads contain yeast, baking powder and so on; those are leavening agents and should be avoided. Leaven is symbolic of sin in certain scriptures (1 Corinthians 5:6-8).

September 21-25: 2 Meal Fast Daily for 5 days- Give money/groceries to someone in need and invite to Bible Study/Church

September 27: Hope Café After Sun PM


Prayer Schedule

Daily Prayer – Church Open

Men’s Prayer: Saturdays @ 8am-9am

Ladies Prayer: Fridays @ 6am-7am

Youth Prayer: Friday September 11th at 7pm

Saturday 19 & 26: All Church Prayer 7pm-8pm